Clearing Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions...

So what can BCT help with?
Block Clearance therapy has the ability to work through nearly any issue or pattern. It has been used successfully to help people overcome and move forward from diverse issues such as: Abuse, addictions, anger management, bullying, confidence, destructive relationships, grief, negative self image, phobias, rejection, self punishment and trauma -to name a few! Even if you feel stuck and aren't sure where the issue is stemming from BCT can help you identify and then move forward from what is holding you back. Anyone can use BCT to gain more control of their decisions, choices and lives.

I know this issue I have is so destructive, so why do I find it so hard to change it?
Our subconscious mind can form destructive mechanisms which can make us feel trapped. To explain this it may be easier to take a step back to when we were younger. When we are born our pre-frontal cortex develops and we learn through mirroring initially from our care-giver/s and then the wider world - how to feedback our needs in a safe way. If during this formative period we get negative responses we can learn fear and find it hard to express. During our development when we are overwhelmed by emotions or situations or events that we can't work out to keep us 'safe' the subconscious forms defence & safety mechanisms. These can become destructive later on in life when we want to move forward in a certain direction and yet our subconscious mind takes us back to its pattern. Our subconscious mind will sabotage forward movement in an area it deems either not a positive or 'unsafe'. This kicks in when situations or events trigger that simulate the same feelings or emotions that overwhelmed us when we were developing and so the subconsious tracks back to the defence or safety mechanism it formed earlier. In adulthood we gain emotional maturity but not subconscious safety . This is how formed defence and safety mechanisms of the subconsious mind can disrupt our future development. We can physically age but stay stuck in a type of arrested development that keeps us stuck in the same emotional turmoil we felt as children.

But this trauma happened so long ago and I feel so stuck with it I don't think I can ever get past this....
When we have experienced a trauma, whenever it happened and however painful it was,there is the ability for post-traumatic growth if we learn to understand what subconsious needs to learn to feel safe again and then release it. With work it is possible to change the perception of the trauma from a negative reaction in to a balanced response.

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