Indian Head Massage

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Indian head massage is a massage not only of the head but also of the neck, shoulders, upper arms and face. This type of massage is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment using strokes, stretches and acupressure techniques.

The massage is received seated in a comfortable chair and can be soft or deep depending on your preference and needs. You can also ask for techniques to try yourself at home.

Indian Head Massage can help improve overall health both physically and mentally in the following ways:

Physically: Indian head massage can help to reduce headaches, eye strain, tinnitus, insomnia, neck and shoulder restriction, spasms and inflammation. Relaxed muscles allow for a healthier posture. It increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the head, neck and shoulders areas. It also promotes healthy hair growth, helps drain the sinuses and stimulates immunity. Plus this massage also activates the parasympathetic system, also known as the ‘rest and digest’ system which is known to be beneficial for digestive issues.

Mentally: Indian head massage can help to relieve stress and tension creating a feeling of mental calmness. The improved circulation to the brain helps to relieve mental fatigue promoting clear thinking and concentration. It can also produce a general boost of mood and sense of wellbeing.

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