What is it?
Around 600BC the Greek philosopher Pythagoras developed his theory of numbers which provided the foundation for Numerology. Numerology has been mentioned in sacred texts throughout the world since then.

Pythagoras developed the concept of numbers as symbols rather than mere numerals. He determined that everything progressed in predictable cycles, and assumed a relationship with respect to the alphabet.

Modern numerology as we know it is a system based on Gematria, which is one of the Qabbalistic or ancient Hebrew disciplines. Western numerology is but a way to adapt the principles of Gematria into the Latin alphabet so as to get the numbers of words and names as well.

Numerology was developed to discover the personal code behind a higher meaning in life. It was thought that vital information about a person's life journey could be found from taking the numbers derived from their names and date of birth. With this information it is then possible to discover the meaning behind our numbers so that we can then begin to reocgnise the rhythms, patterns and lessons within our lives. Then we can then learn to work to balance and master this energy..

Modern Day Useage
Numerology is not just used by people wanting to discover more about themselves. It is often used to find auspicious dates for events such as weddings or product launches. Some businesses have used numerology to help them select employees to help create more harmonious working teams.

So... what can it actually do for me?
The best way to view numerology is as a guide or tool to assist our own personal growth. Sometimes particular issues or situations may keep cropping up in life and numerology can help provide some context. They can help reveal our strengths to be drawn upon and any weaknesses to overcome to help us live more successful lives.

Resources to further your knowledge!
To help you on your journey of self-understanding I have put together some pdf documents about numerology and how it works below:
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*This document summarizes the life-path numbers*.

*This document helps you work out your numerology numbers.*

*This document lists the types of 'personal year' in numerology.*

*This document uses Jimi Hendrix as a real life case-study of a full numerology reading.*

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