Do you know your feet hold a map that acts as a mirror in to your health and wellbeing?

Reflexology is a way to use that map to promote deep relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and promote our own inner restoration by stimulating our bodies own healing response.

Foot manipulation for health benefit has been used as a therapy since ancient Chinese and Egyptian times. It has been believed since this time that the foot map corresponds with the organs, glands, tissues and muscles in your body. When pressure is applied to a range of particular points on your feet it correspondingly encourages release in the area it relates to elsewhere in the body. Reflexology is based on similar principles to acupuncture and some types of massage - that our bodies have energy channels (called meridians) and when we are struggling in one area of the body, it is believed that the energy channel is blocked. In reflexology pressure is applied to send an impulse along this energy channel, encouraging it to un-block and once again allow flow.

Some people report that after a session that they experience a healing response. This is a short period of time after the treatment where they feel worse and then feel better again. This is a normal part of the rebalancing process.


Please note I am not doing any touch therapies at present due to the Corona-virus situation.

Covid-19 & Working Practice Update July 2020

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