I have put together some information via articles and link that may help with your journey.
Please note Lisa is not affiliated with, in control of the content of or bound to all the ideals held in these sites.

Links & Further Reading:

  • The Tree of Life Centre
    The birth-place of Block Clearance Therapy and the centre Lisa sometimes work from in Cheltenham.

  • Healing Herbs Bach Flower Remedy
    This site sells the bach flower remedies that Lisa recommends for use.

  • North Point Astrology
    The author of this site produces a useful free weekly astrology newsletter.

  • Astrodienst
    This site allows you to produce free astrology charts and contains other useful astrological information.

    Further Reading:

    The following books will help give you a deeper introduction to two tools which will help to increase your self-awareness and improve your healing potential.

    * The Life You Were Born To Live: Finding Your Life Purpose, Dan Millman, ISBN-10: 091581160X
    This is a god comprehensive guide to applying numerology in to your life to gain deeper insights in to your path and the one of those around you.

    * Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice, Mechthild Sheffer, ISBN-10: 9780892812394
    This book was my introduction to the amazing qualities of Bach Flower remedies.
    Please be aware this book was written in the 1980's and reads as a little antiquated. I have been made aware that the same author has written a more up to date book.

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