Lisa Donnelly-Brown Bsc., Dip.

Welcome to the website of the therapist Lisa Donnelly-Brown. Lisa works primarily as a Block Clearance Therapist, hence the name of the site Clearing Therapy. Lisa also works with the other tools she has accumulated in her therapy toolkit including counselling and holistic therapeutic techniques for a truly integrative and bespoke approach. She also uses her expertise to help others through assisting in or conducting training and writing.

"I am passionate about empowering people to move forward in whichever aspect of life feels stuck, misunderstood or disempowered. When our lives feel full of darkness, for whatever reason, I see my role as helping someone to find their inner light-switch so that they can see the way forward. Helping to turn the lights for someone is part of the process to connect them to their own inner knowing, knowledge and power."

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  • Block Clearance Therapy

    Lisa is best known for her therapy work with the unique and sought-after system of Block Clearance Therapy.
    If you haven't heard of it before BCT has been defined by its creator as;
    A therapy that has the ability to access the subconscious mind to understand and re-pattern negative patterns, issues and belief systems constructively and without blame. It has the ability to access all the stored subconscious records of our souls journey. It works without control or ego.'

    But what does this really mean? We all carry within us patterns and these can create repeating issues in our day to day life. BCT is unique in the fact that it can trace a current issue back to its creation within the subconscious mind and then work to effectively recondition this issue. Then the created negative response can be neutralised to help find balance. BCT also acts as a holistic therapy, considering the whole relationship of a person; the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical sides of ourselves. So the therapy is tailored around the individual rather than trying to fit that person in to often ill-fitting boxes. By helped a person to listen to, understand, address and ultimately heal their relationship between these different, often conflicted parts of ourselves, the subconscious can be re-programmed not only to release destructive emotional reactions but also the mental pressure behind related physical symptoms.

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