Block Clearance Therapy: The History

By 1989 Patricia Sterry had created the system that we know today as Block Clearance Therapy. She started out her career in research pathology and later obtained a PhD in psychology. Through her experience she then created the unique method of Block Clearance Therapy to address the interlinked physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems within the conscious/subconscious mind.
BCT has since gained such a demand that in 2002 Ms Sterry began teaching this system to therapists. The course, which is rigorous and takes several years to complete, only passes those that meet Patricia Sterry's high standards. The sucessful therapists that have qualified are licensed, insured and work under a code of conduct.

Since its inception many thousands of individuals have used BCT to help themselves move forward.

A Guide to the First Therapy Session

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A first session of any new therapy can seem daunting for a lot of people so this section is to demystify what happens in one...

*The first part of the session we discuss what has brought you here and how we can use BCT to help you
*Once we have agreed on the area that needs help we create a question for your subconscious mind
*We will then go through a guided visualisation process in order to access your subconscious mind
*Please allow an hour and a half for your appointment.
After taking down your details a session would start by exploring anything relevant in the background which is 'blocking' e.g, problems, issues or life events. In BCT we believe that any scenario has lessons that when understood can help our journey to move forward.

Once it is established where you feel stuck, scared or unable to move forward then we create a question to ask your subconscious mind in order to understand how and why the block was formed there.
We will then go through a guided visualisation process in order to access your subconscious mind and its stored 'records'. (Please note the guided visualisation process is not a form of hypnosis: you, the client, are in control at all times.) During the visualisation we will be taken to a subconscious 'record' which means we will likely trace back to an earlier point in your life where this block became taken onboard. We then gain information as to how it was created, what can be learned from it and how it can be overcome, in order to to guide the subconscious to a positive solution. During this process you will be fully aware and speaking normally with your therapist as the subconscious mind will in effect be "streaming" directly to your conscious mind.

After your session is complete affirmations are formulated to help the subconscious mind to create a positive response rather than its previous negative reaction. I have written a pdf to help to further explain why using affirmation is an important part of after therapy. For further information please read this *Affirmations PDF*.

* All information is strictly confidential.
* If you are asthmatic or epileptic it is important that we are informed so that we can monitor your breathing patterns during visualisation.
* If you are currently on a prescription of lithium we will not be able to take you on a visualisation. You can however work with a therapist on a conscious level.
* If you are currently using recreational drugs or drinking alcohol it is important that you allow 12 hours to elapse after you have last taken them before you embark on a visualisation.

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