Further Information

Lisa has included this section of further information for the individual who is open to further discovery within their healing journey, to help illuminate the way forward.

*An article about how your internal subconscious mind, or inner GPS, can be set differently to your external conscious self.
Subconscious Sabotage: When the subconscious mind disagrees with the conscious mind

*An article about why gaining closure to life situations and learning can be so important for the psyche.
The Importance of Closure


*A pdf that helps you to calculate your own (or someone elses) life-path, soul-calling, essence, projection and personal year numbers.
How to calculate your major numerology numbers.

*A pdf that acts as a case-study to see how the numbers can manifest in someones life.
Numerology in Action: A case-study on Jimi Hendrix

*A pdf that is a summary of the meanings of numberology numbers to undertand more about yourself, or others, drives and motivations.
Numbers Summary

*A pdf that is a summary of the numbers and keywords of your 'personal year' to find out the influences of your year of age.
Numerology: Personal Year Summary

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