"Lisa helped me work through something which (as a fellow therapist) I would never have cleared by myself. She is a very caring healer with excellent listening skills, empathetic, astute and knowledgeable."
JP, Gloucestershire

"I have known Lisa for over ten years. I had some extreme issues within our family dynamics and with that came the realisation that I had older historical /emotional issues that I had not dealt with over time but, I that I had buried as life went on. I have always valued Lisa’s open honest approach and as I felt safe and comfortable with Lisa asked that I had some therapy work with her. Lisa is empathetic and has a calming presence. I was able to fully engage with the planned therapy. My sessions are managed in a safe calm environment. Confidentiality is high on Lisa’s list to make sure that I felt comfortable with the therapeutic process, I had a full explanation of what to expect as well as written notes on my sessions. Moving forward I have been able to deal with old issues and so much so that I have been confident to look at my own with my future, as such I have embarked on my own training programme in holistic therapies and can say that this would not have happened if I had not taken the first steps in acknowledging my own hidden shadows."
DR, Gloucestershire

"I was recommended Block Clearance by my homeopathist. Having experienced working with Lisa I have found this therapy to be very profound. It is able to clear life and emotional blocks leaving you ready to move forward in a more grounded way. I can highly recommend Lisa and her work. Kind, caring and safe."
SC, Warwickshire

"Lisa creates a safe healing space and is very professional, wise and empathic in her work. I am on a healing journey from M.E and am finding Clearing Therapy with Lisa very helpful in discovering and healing underlying emotional issues connected to my illness. I feel empowered by the sessions and highly recommend Lisa as a therapist."
SD, Herefordshire

"When I first came to see Lisa I was dubious about therapy work but wanted to try something to find out what was blocking me improving my life and circumstances. I found Lisa helped explain my issues in a way I could understand. She was non-judgmental and easy to work with. I was a little apprehensive about the visualisation but found it relaxing and informative. After our work I found my confidence and ability to organise myself improved. With further sessions I got to more underlying issues and have now been able to change not just my perspective on life but my career too. Truly life changing."
KJ, Gloucestershire

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